Southern ontario airport network

Our vision



The Southern Ontario Airport Network’s vision is to support the climbing demand for air travel that will come as the region continues its growth over the next three decades. Our work will position Southern Ontario as the premier location for aviation business and investment.


Realizing the long-term vision of having Southern Ontario’s aviation needs supported by a network of airports across the region with convenient connectivity will take decades. That is why members have prioritized the following activities in the first five years:

  • Raise awareness and profile of the Southern Ontario Airport Network airports as:

    • Enablers of trade, tourism and foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ontario and Canada
    • Sources and facilitators of jobs in each airport community and beyond
    • Providers of diverse airport options for passengers, shippers, businesses, air carriers, flight schools and training facilities and non-aviation lines of business

  • Promote Southern Ontario with the goal of attracting greater tourism, trade and foreign direct investment.

    Airports will:

    • Work with local and regional stakeholders to raise awareness about the opportunities coming to our region and the roles airports play in supporting these economy stimulating areas; and,
    • Support efforts to market this region as a premiere place to live, work, and play.

  • Develop a common database that will allow all airports to understand the future needs of this growing region and identify future air service development opportunities.

    To accomplish this, network airports are committed to:

    • Updating and expanding economic impact analyses to quantify how airports collectively and individually support trade, tourism and foreign direct investment
    • Engaging with businesses in Southern Ontario and aviation industries, and developing an assessment of current and future aviation industry growth needs, including for labour, security screening and technology
    • Completing a catchment/demand study of the region to identify opportunities for future point-to-point growth in leisure, business aviation and passenger markets at our airports
    • Understanding the ground transportation needs in Southern Ontario and advocating for investment in ground transportation improvements that will better connect airports, reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions
    • Developing best-in-class strategies for responsible and sustainable airport growth, including community engagement and noise management


Southern Ontario is set to experience significant growth over the next three decades and is one of the fastest growing regions in North America. Not surprisingly, demand for air travel across the region will follow suit, rising to approximately 110 million passengers over the same timeframe. This growth presents significant opportunities for the region, local communities and their airports. Read the report

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